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Welcome to Chase's Challenge

Chase's Challenge was created with the mission of bringing awareness, education, and training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and drowning prevention.  The initiative was started after our son Chase almost lost his life in a drowning, CPR saved his life.  Please take the time to read Chase's story and the importance of CPR and water safety.  The challenge is simple let's see how many people we can get trained in CPR.

Chase's Story


When I tucked my son in bed tonight, I hugged him tightly.  I laid on his chest for a minute telling him how much I loved him and what fun things we were going to do tomorrow.  While laying there, I could hear his heart beating loudly.  My thoughts immediately began to drift to the day of his accident.  We almost lost him!  I would never have heard the sound of his heart beating again.  The thoughts were to hard to bear.

Please read Chase's story.  There were many things we learned the day of his accident.